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Dr. Lane Luxon Chiropractor Lynden WA 98264Dr. Lane Luxon

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Lane Luxon’s interest in health and chiropractic began at an early age. As a student, he excelled in the sciences and developed a particular interest in the nervous system. “My biology instructor recognized my interest and encouraged me to complete an in-depth study of the physiology of nerve conduction. I found this fascinating and I began to develop an appreciation for how the nervous system is so intimately involved in maintaining optimal health.”

Dr. Luxon’s interest in chiropractic developed out of more than simple curiosity. “My mother was plagued with severe migraine headaches. She visited numerous specialists, but everything she tried only seemed to make things worse. It was only until she tried chiropractic that she experienced any significant relief.” As a child, Dr. Luxon’s mother had been struck on the back of the head by a swing. The chiropractic doctor was the first to identify the resulting spinal injury and was able to correct the condition.

“The needless suffering experienced by others has greatly influenced the direction of my life. Since becoming a chiropractor, I have been able to help hundreds of headache sufferers and others trying to cope with chronic pain. Some of my patients had resigned themselves to a life of pain and began to accept pain as “the normal way of life”. There is nothing normal about headaches or the pain and suffering they cause.”

Graduating valedictorian in his high school class, Dr. Luxon had two pre-medical scholarships and his eye on pursuing a career in medicine. However, his personal observations of chiropractic success led him to change course and pursue a career in chiropractic. “Taking a natural approach in helping the body to heal without the use of medicine or surgery is very rewarding. Over the years, many patients have resorted to chiropractic as a last ditch effort in regaining their health. Despite often getting the “rejects” and “hopeless” cases, chiropractic has maintained an enviable record of effective health care.” Dr. Luxon completed his undergraduate studies in Washington before entering Palmer College of Chiropractic’s four year graduate program in Sunnyvale, California where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1986.

Most of Dr. Luxon’s childhood was spent in Northwest Washington and this encouraged his passion for nature and outdoor recreation. His interests include camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and skiing. As a chiropractor and a sportsman, it was only natural for Dr. Luxon to take an interest in sports medicine. He has worked with a number of professional athletes, including Ken “The Rock” Shamrock, one of Japan’s most celebrated athletes. “I worked closely with Ken during his ongoing domination of the controversial Ultimate Fighting Championship, a “no rules” competition open to top contenders in all disciplines of the martial arts. The most difficult aspect of being involved with athletes in this sport is investing one’s best talents in healing only to have the athlete’s repeatedly put themselves back into harm’s way. It is far more satisfying to help a breadwinner get back to work, a mother to recover after a difficult pregnancy, or a father to regain the ability to play ball with his children.”

Working with world-class athletes is a unique challenge. However, Dr. Luxon insists that modern chiropractic care can be much more gentle and precise than most people realize. The same skills he refined while working with professional athletes can be of great benefit when caring for amateurs, children and senior citizens. “Many professional athletes know the hazards to the spine that result from sports activities, and, on the basis of this knowledge, utilize regular chiropractic care. However, the cumulative stress of everyday living, the bumps and bruises that a “weekend warrior” sustains, or the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are much more insidious and likely to be overlooked. The impact of these on an individual’s health can be far greater and yet the ill effects may not show up at once. A periodic chiropractic checkup and good spinal hygiene can help detect spinal problems and prevent or arrest the ills they might otherwise produce.”

Prior to opening his Lynden Office in 1998, Dr. Luxon was the director of a busy chiropractic office in Lodi California. “Lodi is a vibrant agricultural center of California, often called the “Zinfandel Capital of the World” because of its rich climate for wine grape production. The flat landscape and dry climate had a unique beauty quite different from the Northwest. But with a rich family history in Washington, a growing family, and the recreational appeal of the Northwest, Dr. Luxon always felt a strong pull to return home.

“After spending most of my life the Northwest, I found the fast pace of life in much of California a little out of balance with my priorities and values. I also wanted to settle closer to my family and long-time friends. The more communities I looked into the more it became clear that Lynden was my best choice.” There are now three generations of Luxon’s living in Lynden.

Lynden Family Chiropractic was designed to bring “State-of-the-Art” chiropractic care to Lynden, incorporating some of the latest advances in chiropractic technology while preserving a friendly atmosphere and affordable fee structure” The office features high-frequency x-ray technology that reduces patient exposure by up to 60 percent. It also features computerized surface electromyography, a painless, cost-effective diagnostic tool that helps make care more accurate and effective. Lynden Family Chiropractic is located at 105-5th Street, across the street from Delft Square and the Lynden Community Center. The office telephone number is 318-0123.

Post Graduate Studies Completed by Dr. Luxon

  • American Academy of Pain Management-Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Pain
  • Activator Methods Proficiency Rated/Advanced Curriculum - AMI
  • Repetitive Use Injuries/Detection and Management - CCF
  • Arthritis and the D.C. - LACC
  • The Industrially Injured Back: Etiology & Assessment - PCCW
  • Management of the Acute Patient - PCCW
  • Neurologic Screening of the Geriatric Patient - PCCW
  • Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Spine - PCCW
  • Developed and Administered "BackSmart" Industrial Injury Prevention Class
  • Whiplash, New Perspectives and Controversies
  • Chiropractic Neurology, Pain and Subluxation Complex
  • Identifying Repetitive Use Injury
  • The Running Injury: Mechanics & Treatment
  • Biomechanical Stress: Factor of Lower Spinal Instability
  • The Sedentery Syndrome: Issues of Today’s Office Workers
  • Chiropractic Pediatrics
  • Management of the Acute Patient
  • Contemporary Technologies for Imaging the Vertebral Subluxation
  • Chiropractic Care of Sport and Recreational Injuries